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Disclosure and Barring Service

I have received many questions regarding the current situation with DBS including the phrase ‘sensitive role’. I attempt to simplify the situation.

The most important consideration is that if a Lion finds themselves in a one-to-one situation with a Vulnerable Person then they could be at risk. Therefore either, never be in that situation or be DBS registered.

Clubs should already be identifying if any of their members are placed in sensitive positions with vulnerable people. Sensitive position merely means organising or helping to organise any activity where the Lion member is working with children/adults who could be classed as vulnerable. The Lion needs to apply for clearance where they feel it is needed and this will differ from club to club.  

Since we are a service organisation and our motto is ‘We Serve’ it may be difficult to guarantee never to be one-to-one.  

It is proposed that at least the following District Officer Roles be DBS checked:

Vulnerable Persons Officer, DBS Counter Signatories, Leo Adviser, Youth Portfolio Officer, Peace Poster Officer, Youth Exchange Officer, Life Skills Officer.  

There is no absolute right or wrong. Use common sense and don’t be in a position to potentially take an unnecessary risk.

Clubs can find all the information they need on the MD website.

Lion Christine Munday
District 105SC  VPO (Vulnerable Persons Officer) 2019


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Summary of DBS Application Process ID-Verifiers-Identity-Document-Confirmation-Form ID-Verifiers-DBS-Certificate-Confirmation-Form Applicants-Criminal-Record-Check-DBS-Consent-Form DBS-Update-Service
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There is also a very comprehensive Applicant Guide on the Government website.

Also see DBS overview on Government website.