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Health and Safety

Useful documents:

Health-and-Safety-Guidance-for-Lions-May-2023.pdf thumbnail
Icon Health-and-Safety-Guidance-for-Lions-May-2023.pdf

2023-24-Lions-Clubs-British-Isles-Health-and-Safety-Policy-as-at-July-2023.pdf thumbnail
Icon 2023-24-Lions-Clubs-British-Isles-Health-and-Safety-Policy-as-at-July-2023.pdf

Food Hygiene Training letter  Icon Food_Hygiene_Letter_2019.docx

Bonfire Advice Letter from the Environment Agency  Icon Bonfire_environmental_advice_letter_2017.pdf 

Link to Health & Safety Executive Crowd Management guidance

Link to Health & Safety Executive guidance on Organising Fireworks Displays

Example risk assessment - food preparation February 2016

Aide Memoir to Health & Safety 2015  

Letter re: Use of gas barbecues and catering vans that use gas fired equipment for cooking, May 2015  

Letter re: Food Allergen Labelling and Safe Storage of Petrol, November 2014  

Allergen information for Loose Foods, November 2014  

Example Risk Assessments  

Risk Assessment blank template with guidance notes  

Link to the Health & Safety Executive and the 5 Steps to Safety:

Safety Management System - 105SC

Aim: to raise the awareness of all Lions within District 105SC of the need for due diligence as regards Health and Safety at all times.

Statement of Intent: District 105SC adopts the Safety Policy of the Multiple District 105 as outlined in the MD Directory and adheres to the "Road to Safety" document.

1. All Clubs to be encouraged to appoint a Health and Safety Officer.
2. A clear statement of intent to be issued to all Clubs that each Lion activity organised within District 105SC requires an appropriate written Risk Assessment.
3. All Clubs to be requested to keep a record of all Risk Assessment and other relevant safety documents eg Insurance Certificate, Food Hygiene Certificates etc.
4. Clubs to be made aware that the District Health & Safety Officer is available to assist Clubs with Risk Assessments either via Club visits or electronically.
5. Clubs to be directed towards consulting the MD Health and Safety Policy in the MD Directory and to the "Road to Safety" document on the MD web site.
6. Zone Chairs to be encouraged to include Health and Safety as a standard agenda item at Zone meetings.
7. Each Club should maintain an Accident Book, BI 510, available from the Health and Safety Executive, is the recommended book - it has removable pages which must be kept confidential.
8. The District Health & Safety Officer or Sergeant at Arms will deliver a safety announcement at all Cabinet Meetings.
9. The District Health & Safety Officer will prepare a written Risk Assessment for the District Convention.
10. The District Health & Safety Officer will maintain the Accident Book on behalf of the Cabinet.

Lion Jarvis Macdonald - District Governor 2019-2020

Lion Tim Dixon - District Health & Safety Officer 2019-2020