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Lions in Schools

Some thoughts and suggestions for possible involvement in schools

" build up a wide spread of understanding, to respect young people and instil a willingness to work together for mutual benefit. To encourage the youth of our community to develop their full potential."



In my original documents I did not include any reference to CRB clearance. It is becoming more and more important to schools that anyone present on their site or in contact with the children does have CRB clearance.

This will become more important in the future with the introduction of ISA. At this time the Government have placed a hold on these changes.

I urge all Lions to look at the current and future legislation and seek advice of the Vulnerable Persons Officer.

I assure you that although you are not likely to ever be on your own with a child, a school will be more welcoming if they know that the members of a club with who they are associating, have clearance.


Our future lies with the youth of today!

Lions have always been dedicated to helping young people.

We are able to help young people feel part of their community, and in so doing we help them to have a greater respect for and responsibility to that community.

By being involved in schools we form relationships with young people and their families. This will bring a greater awareness to them of our involvement in the community and of Lions Clubs International.


CITIZENSHIP Being Lions we are, we hope, well in the fore of the community. We hope, as being part of the largest Service organisation in the world, that we are good role models for young people. Our actions can be seen both locally and worldwide to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves. 

PHSE Our Lion/TACADE Partnership Programmes are compatible with all Government expectations for schools. These programmes cover all year groups from Pre School to 16+ year olds. Aspects of Health, Social behaviour, Relationship, Drugs, Alcohol & Smoking are addressed in these programmes.

TACADE is a not for profit organisation. It is regularly upgrading the materials as well as introducing new programmes. One of the more recent being LITTLE STEPS for 3-5 year olds. And the newest being 'Life Changes' which covers Bereavement.

A fairly new Government initiative is EXTENDED SCHOOLS. The object is to make the school site, premises and grounds more accessible to the Community at times when the pupils are not in school. This is an ideal opportunity to develop an ALPHA LEO CLUB... for 12-16 year olds  A Lions Club sponsors the club and appoints a member to act as guide and liaison... a member of staff of the school is also involved (THIS IS A MUST!) The youngsters become Leo Members. The Club is Chartered. There is an Alpha Leo Club jointly sponsored by Portsmouth, and Cosham Lions Clubs based at St Edmunds School. These young members are already involved in many community projects.