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Colours and logos

The new Lions 'corporate' colours:

Yellow is Pantone 7406 RGB 235,183,0 (#EBB700)
Dark blue is Pantone 287 RGB 0,51,141 (#00338D)
Light blue is RGB 88,182,221 (#58B6DD)



Lions logo
430 x 83 pixels PNG file (logo.png)

See the LCI Graphics Identity Manual PDF for full details of the use of the logo


Bullet for lists
16 x 15 pixels GIF file (bullet.gif)


Favicon icon as displayed in address bar (not displayed here if using IE)

16 x 16 pixels ICO file (favicon.ico)

If you need a Favicon go to Dynamic Drive

Right click on the images to download (select Save Image/Picture As...) 

Other logos are available from LCI:

Logos and art

If you would like to make a PDF file into an image file for reading on-line or create a thumbnail, see: