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Barrie Richardson Travelling Lion Award

The competition was introduced by PDG Barrie Richardson and the object was to "unite the Clubs in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship and mutual understanding". These are the words engraved on the 105D shield that is presented, annually at District Convention, to the Club gaining the most points for visiting other Clubs, and attending Multiple District, District and Zone organised events. 

Rules for District 105sc visiting Lion Competition

The Competition Year is 1 January - 31 December

Points are awarded as follows:

Visits to other Clubs' meetings and events both within & outside District 105D One Point
Visits to District & Multiple District Conventions other than District 105D & MD 105 Conventions One Point
Visits to organised events at District, Region & Zone level Four Points
Visits to District 105D Convention, MD 105 Convention, International Convention and Europa Forum Four Points

District Officers visiting clubs or events on official District business are NOT eligible to claim points. However, other lions accompanying them on the visit are eligible to claim.

The points system is weighted to encourage attendance where the District has a vested interest in Clubs being represented.

To make it fairer to all Clubs, whatever their size, a percentage of Club Membership regulator is adopted to give clubs an equal (well almost) chance.  

Only two separate visits to same Club count in each year

Membership numbers are taken half yearly in line with Membership Numbers as registered with LCI at the end of December and June, each year.

Only MD 105 report forms may be used  Icon md105vlform.pdf

Completed forms must be sent to the District Competitions Officer to arrive within 28 days of the visit taking place.

All forms received on time will automatically be forwarded to the MD 105 Competition

Completed forms are to be returned to:

Competitions Officer Lion Judith Goodchild
88a Franklin Avenue
Hampshire RG26 4EU

Alternatively, these  forms may be scanned and sent electronically.

Rules for the MD105 visiting Lion Competition

The rules for the MD105 competition differ slightly from those of the 105D competition and may be obtained by going to the MD Website and selecting Resources, then Competitions and then Travelling Lion. 

As stated above, all entries received for the 105D competition (provided they have been received on time) will automatically be forwarded for entry into the MD105 competition.

At the MD Convention at Birmingham in May 2012 the rules were changed so that the size of the club is taken into account when awarding points and social events are now counted.