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Please note that our new insurance Brokers are JLT Group. All insurance enquiries should be directed to the District Insurance Adviser: 
Lion Jo Hamblin at or telephone 0118 969 3930.

Alternatively contact the Multiple District Insurance Officer Becky Hall via: or telephone Becky on 07522 985230.

Useful documents

Download a copy of Liability Evidence of Insurance letter effective 1st September 2019 to 1st September 2020 - Here.....

Visit the MD 105 Website here for access to: 

Liability insurance requirements

The new brokers no longer require an event checklist to be completed for any event. The only requirement they have is that we complete risk assessments for all events and that these are held on a file in the event of a claim they will be requested.

The policies arranged do not cover every eventuality and some exclusions do apply, such as: 

This is not an exhaustive list so if you are unsure about an activity please refer to your District or MD Insurance Adviser. 

Property Cover

All clubs now have cover for 20,000 club property to include equipment and regalia. This will also include any hired in equipment as long as the club holds no more than 20,000 in property at any one time. If a club requires additional cover above 20,000 please email details of the cover required to or,uk

Additional Money Cover

If you require additional Money cover (the limit at an event being 5,000) you are required to complete the additional money questionnaire and send this to or


Temporary Money Cover

Own carryings/Cash Limit  5000- 10,000

Contingency security company carryings- 5000- 10,000

Cash in Safe 5000- 10,000

Premium 84.00 inc IPT per event

Own carryings/Cash Limit  10,001- 25,000

Contingency security company carryings- 10,001- 25,000

Cash in Safe 10,001- 25,000

Premium 140.00  inc IPT per event

Own carryings/Cash Limit  25,001 40,000

Contingency security company carryings- 25,001-40,000

Cash in Safe 25,001- 40,000

Premium 280.00 inc IPT per event

Cancellation Cover for Events

We can also cover cancellation cover for events this is to cover the loss of funds spent to set up an event. If you would like a quotation for this cover we require the Hiscox 'special events proposal' to be completed and emailed to  or if the event will be taking place outdoors we will also require the Outdoor event Questionnaire to be completed as well.

Vehicle and Sleigh cover

If you require any cover for vehicles or the towing of sleighs please send details of the vehicles and trailers that need cover the duration cover is required for to or

If you require additional cover please send requests as early as possible to allow discussions with insurers. If a quote is needed by a certain date for meetings please advise this when making a request for cover.

All claims to be reported to Becky Hall on 07522 985230