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District Officers

Calling Notice for 

Cabinet Meeting

Sunday, 22nd May 2022

Online via Zoom

All Cabinet Officers are requested to notify attendance or send apologies using the Tick List on this website. You will need to log-in first. Using this system, you will not need to contact the SAA nor District Secretary because they will be informed.

Zone/Committee Chairs and other Officers reports should be with the District Secretary by Monday the 16th of May and should be submitted by email to (see section below "Filing a Cabinet Report?" and please use the templates). Please go to Menu/Reports to view reports received to date and the final agenda.

Peter Burnett - District Secretary


Download the "Constitution and By-Laws District 105SC"

Icon 105SC CONSTITUTION 2021.pdf 

Filing a Cabinet Report?
When filing Cabinet Reports, please use the templates provided. Read more...

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District officers

Office HeldNameClub
District Governor Team
District GovernorBrian DonovanAbingdon
1st Vice District GovernorDavid EbsworthReading
1st Vice District Governor ElectDavid TaylorGillingham, Mere and Shaftesbury
2nd Vice District GovernorDavid TaylorGillingham, Mere and Shaftesbury
District Governor ElectDavid EbsworthReading
2nd Vice District Governor ElectSandra ManktelowPetersfield
Immediate Past District GovernorSteve PettyCalne
District Global Action Team
District GAT ChairBrian DonovanAbingdon
District GAT Member 1 DSPeter BurnettWimborne and Ferndown
District GAT Member 2 IPPSteve PettyCalne
District GAT Member 3 GLTMike BakerAlton
District GAT Member 4 GSTJudith GoodchildHook and Odiham
District GAT Member 5 CommsRichard KeeleyFarnborough
District GAT Member 6 GMTJarvis MacdonaldWestbury
District GAT Member 7 1stVDavid EbsworthReading
District GAT Member 8 LCIFAnn HuntleyIOW Newport
District GAT Member 9 2ndVDavid TaylorGillingham, Mere and Shaftesbury
Finance Committee ChairmanAlan ChapmanWarminster
Finance Committee Member 1 TreasurerTim HantonWokingham
Finance Committee Member 2 SecretaryPeter BurnettWimborne and Ferndown
Finance Committee Member 3 DGBrian DonovanAbingdon
Finance Committee Member 4 1stVDavid EbsworthReading
Finance Committee Member 6 IPDGSteve PettyCalne
Zone Chairs
Zone A ChairRichard HighSwindon
Zone B ChairMark ThorpeWarminster
Zone C ChairSandra ManktelowPetersfield
Zone D ChairDianne HopkinsBasingstoke
Zone E ChairIan HambletonAldershot Branch Club
Zone G ChairBarrie HaynesBournemouth and Christchurch
Zone H ChairJeanette CooperSwanwick
Zone I ChairPaul AllawayGuernsey
GST Service Themes
District GST ChairJudith GoodchildHook and Odiham
Hunger Awareness OfficerIan HambletonAldershot Branch Club
Environment Awareness OfficerJudith GoodchildHook and Odiham
Prostate AwarenessDavid EbsworthReading
Brain Tumour ResearchSandra ManktelowPetersfield
Diabetes Awareness OfficerJudith GoodchildHook and Odiham
Youth ChairmanRobert Armstrong-CollettFareham
Peace Poster and Poetry Competition OfficerFrances BondFareham
Young Ambassador OfficerRobert Armstrong-CollettFareham
Young Ambassador OfficerYorky TukeRingwood and Fordingbridge
Youth Exchange OfficerStephen SherringRingwood and Fordingbridge
ROAR, Lifeskills, Lions QuestEric WarnerReading
YLIS & School LiaisonRobert Armstrong-CollettFareham
Medic Alert OfficerBeth BurnettWimborne and Ferndown
Message in a Bottle OfficerBeth BurnettWimborne and Ferndown
Dentaid Committee ChairmanRoger HuntleyIOW Newport
Alzheimer & Dementia Awareness OfficerPat NixonFareham
Paultons Park ProjectJohn DragoWestbury
District Membership Team
District GMT ChairJarvis MacdonaldWestbury
Membership RetentionAlan ChapmanWarminster
District AlmonerRon TwiningIOW Newport
District Membership Team Member 1Mike SellsWindsor
New VoicesDianne HopkinsBasingstoke
District Leadership Training Team
District Leadership Team ChairMike BakerAlton
District Leadership TrainerGraham DraytonFleet
District Leadership TrainerMike BakerAlton
District Leadership TrainerSandra ManktelowPetersfield
District Admin Team
District SecretaryPeter BurnettWimborne and Ferndown
District TreasurerTim HantonWokingham
Sergeant at ArmsDave RoseGillingham, Mere and Shaftesbury
Legal ConsultantChris JollySalisbury and District
Insurance AdvisorSteven SpencerBurnham
Convention Host Committee ChairmanPatrick HamblinReading
Comms, Noms and Resolutions OfficerJohn GoodchildLoddon Valley
Vulnerable Persons OfficerChristine MundayFleet
Data Protection Compliance OfficerSteven SpencerBurnham
Communications Portfolio CoordinatorTom SayersFleet
Deputy Comms & Website CoordinatorRichard KeeleyFarnborough
Lion Magazine and District Newsletter EditorPeter TabbJersey
District WebmasterTom SayersFleet
District PR & Marketing Team
District Marketing Team ChairmanRichard KeeleyFarnborough
Social Media Team MemberDan WhittleWimborne and Ferndown
Social Media Team MemberDave RoseGillingham, Mere and Shaftesbury
Social Media Team MemberRichard KeeleyFarnborough
Social Media Support OfficerDave RoseGillingham, Mere and Shaftesbury
District Marketing Team Member 1Barrie HaynesBournemouth and Christchurch
District Marketing Team Member 2Jim StoreyFleet
District Marketing Team Member 3Dan WhittleWimborne and Ferndown
District Marketing Team Member 4Peter TabbJersey
District Marketing Team Member 5Dave RoseGillingham, Mere and Shaftesbury
International Relations
International Relations ChairmanBarrie RichardsonRingwood and Fordingbridge
LCIF AdvisorAnn HuntleyIOW Newport
Non Cabinet Positions
Deputy IT Officer & District WebmasterRichard KeeleyFarnborough