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medic alert logoWhat is MedicAlert?

MedicAlert is a Charity which provides a Bracelet. Pendant or Watch which has a brief note of any ailments and a Telephone Number for a more details. This is accessible 24/7 for 365 Days a Year from anywhere in the World.

How Did it Start?

In 1953 a 14 years old girl cut her finger, whilst being treated at the local hospital she went into near fatal anaphylactic shock when given a skin test for a dose of tetanus antitoxin. Luckily she survived. Had she have been given a full dose of the tetanus injection, she may not have survived.

Her parents Dr Marion and Chrissie Collins were now more aware of their daughter's vulnerability in an emergency and would attach a note to her coat describing their daughter's allergies whenever she was away from home.

When she started university they decided that she needed something more permanent. So her parents designed a metal disc using a version of the healing arts symbol, the staff of Aesculapius, followed by the words ‘MedicAlert' in red and a list of their daughter's allergies.

The staff of Aesculapius is an international recognised symbol denoting medical services being the centre part of what Paramedics call the Star of Life, displayed on our ambulances today.

How Did Lions Become Involved?

In 1965 Lion Denis Gilchrist saw the potential for saving lives through support for MedicAlert when he introduced the charity to the UK,

MedicAlert was recognised by Health Care Professionals as a quick and accurate source of patient relevant details for saving time in an acute emergency situation by providing information relating to the patients underlying medical conditions and therefore the potential to save lives.

What a great way for Lions to serve their community by helping MedicAlert to save the lives of those who suddenly become vulnerable through illness.

How Can I Help

Please make cheques payable to LCI District 105D marked as MedicAlert ESP Programme. That way not only will be meeting the Challenge as set but your Clubs will be recognised as a supporter of the scheme. If funds are sent direct to MedicAlert there is no guarantee that you will be recognised.

How Can I get More Information

Further information regarding the Early Start Programme (ESP) can be obtained by contacting Iain Pudney.

MedicAlert ID bracelets, necklaces and watches help make sure that you receive fast, relevant treatment in an emergency. Worn on your pulse point, they carry the international medical symbol and are an effective way to communicate vital details... because every moment matters.

As well as financial assistance Lions clubs can serve in a practical way by ensuring that supplies of the MedicAlert leaflets and posters are available in local Doctors surgeries, Chemists and Libraries. These leaflets will also carry the Lions logo which will help to highlight the service activities we provide to the local community.

MedicAlert is a global charity that provides life saving services and trains emergency responders.

Contact Officer Iain Pudney email