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Young Leaders In Service

The Lions Clubs of our District are pleased to participate in the Lions Young Leaders in Service Award (LYLiS) scheme. The LYLiS scheme is part of the Lions Opportunities for Youth initiative. The LYLiS recognises young people between the ages of 8 -18 years old for their community service provided a log sheet is completed and signed off by a responsible adult. This can be a teacher, youth leader, or someone similar. Lions Clubs may recognise as many young people as they find eligible. The youngster is then presented with a beautiful certificate, which can be included in his or her Record of Achievement File.

Each young person will be provided with a logbook in which to record their service activities. These activities are in a number of different categories - all the hours can be from the same activity or from a variety of services. Categories include service to the young, the elderly, family members, and the homeless and hungry. It could also include protecting our environment. Young people may also wish to assist their local Leos or Lions club in fundraising or welfare activities. All these activities count as hours towards the award.

Local Lions clubs sponsor the Young Leaders in Service. The awards available are as follows:

  • 25/49 hours of service = Bronze Seal Award
  • 50/99 hours of service = Silver Seal Award
  • 100+ hours of service = Gold Seal Award

The benefits for young people taking part:

  • They will experience the rewards of community service
  • Achieve significant levels of community involvement
  • Receive a congratulation letter, a certificate, and awards presentation for youth recipients

The Community will also benefit:

  • Improving as a result of the young people's service efforts
  • It will become more aware of service opportunities
  • Nurture ongoing service by young people and others

Lions will:

  • Encourage people to serve the community
  • Introduce young people to future service and leadership opportunities
  • Provide ongoing mentoring and assistance throughout the process

Further information and all current documentation can be accessed via the following link to Lions Multiple District (UK) website

Completed forms and Logbooks MUST be posted to the DISTRICT OFFICER

The cloth (sew-on) badges are 75mm in diameter and consist of the Lions logo with the surrounding wording "Lions Young Leaders in Service". The lapel pins are 30mm in diameter, the design being exactly like the logo below. Participants have a choice of either, but not both.

young leaders in service

If you are or know of, a young person who might qualify for this scheme please let us know and we will gladly let you have more information