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Guidelines for District Officer Claims in 105SC

(under review July 2022)


District 105SC has no Rules of Audit, but that at the commencement of each Lionistic year, the Cabinet shall agree a mileage rate which may be claimed by District Officers who need to travel to discharge their official duties. Traditionally this rate has been the same as the Multiple District Rate in force at the time the decision is made but, there is nothing to dictate that this shall be so.

It has also been accepted that other costs reasonably incurred, such as postage, telephone calls, photocopying, etc may also be claimed, provided that these are itemised on the claim form provided by the District Treasurer, supported by relevant receipts and agreed by the relevant District Chairman (where appropriate) and the designated Past District Governor as being reasonable. It has also been expected that District Officers should attempt to budget for such claims and that, wherever possible, claims should be restricted to the overall budgeted amount unless the Cabinet give dispensation otherwise.

It is further explained that to set Rules of Audit would remove the right of the District Governor to exercise discretion over the payment of claims.

It should be appreciated, that Rules of Audit have never sought to reimburse members for actual expenses incurred, rather to provide a contribution towards those costs. That is why a ceiling on the total amount claimable in any one year is often imposed.

District Officers have in the past, nevertheless requested guidance on items which might reasonably be claimed in the pursuance of their Official Lionistic Duties and this paper sets out to provide such guidance. It does so in similar fashion to Multiple District and International Rules of Audit but, because it only provides guidance, retains the flexibility for the District Governor to exercise discretion where it is considered appropriate to do so.


In the event that a District Officer wishes to seek a contribution towards expenses necessarily incurred in the exercise of their official duties, these may be claimed in accordance with the following guidelines:


Rail Journeys at the cheapest available rail fare at the time that travel is necessary.

Bus Journeys – as above

Car Journeys may be claimed at the mileage rate agreed by the District Cabinet at the beginning of the Lionistic year in which the journey is made. (30p)

No claim may be made in respect of any District Officer's accompanying partner, guests etc., unless that person is also a District Officer who is 'officially' attending the same meeting. e.g. car sharing to attend Cabinet. In this case, it is valid to claim the 'additional' miles for picking up, and returning home, the passenger(s).

Taxi Fares may be reimbursed in accordance with the mileage rate specified above.

Air Journeys at the cheapest available air fare at the time that travel is necessary, provided that the journey has been approved in advance by the District Governor.

Sea Journeys – as for air journeys above except that the use of Car Ferries to Islands other than the Isle of Wight shall require the prior approval of the District Governor. District Officers visiting the Isle of Wight should, wherever possible, travel as a foot passenger.


The cost of accommodation is not normally claimable unless included in the relevant District Officer’s approved budget. In exceptional circumstances, claims may be made, provided this has the prior approval of the District Governor.

Where claims are allowable, the actual cost of the Officer’s accommodation or £60 may be claimed in respect of room, whichever is the less.


Where it is necessary for a District Officer to be away from home for 8 hours or more, the costs of meals may be claimed as follows:

Breakfast - Actual cost or up to £8.00 whichever is the less

Lunch – Actual cost or up to £12.00 whichever is the less

Evening meal – Actual cost or up to £20.00 whichever is the less

No claim for meals may include any contribution towards the cost of beverages, whether alcoholic or, otherwise.


The preferred route for distributing material to clubs is via the District Secretary Monthly Club Mailings. Therefore no postage claims will be accepted from District Officers for this purpose, other than for the purposes of sending the material to the District Secretary if this cannot be transmitted electronically. Claims for other postage costs reasonably incurred, may be submitted at the Second Class Postage rate in force at the time. Slightly different arrangements exist for the District Secretary and any District Officer in respect of correspondence with the International Office at Oak Brook.


Reasonable costs incurred by District Officers incurred by essential telephone calls may be claimed. These shall include a pro-rata adjustment for any discount entitlement of the Officer concerned. No such claim may include any element for the rental of line(s) or equipment.


Reasonable costs incurred by District Officers in respect of Photocopying may be claimed at the actual cost or 5p per sheet, whichever is the less.

Charter Functions

District Officers attending Charter Functions, including the chartering of new clubs and whether representing the District Governor or attending in their own right, shall not be entitled to any reimbursement of any costs incurred.

District Convention and other events which include Social Activities

It is accepted that it is the duty of District Officers to attend the District Convention,  therefore claims relating to Convention, Handovers, or any meeting including a Social Event, will be restricted to mainland UK travel only.

Multiple District Meetings

Multiple District Officers will from time to time, call meetings of District Officers within their sphere of operations. Attendance at these meetings is regarded as being part of a District Officer’s duty and a contribution towards the cost of attendance in line with this guidance may therefore be claimed.

Partners, Guests, Etc.

No claim may be made in respect of any District Officer’s accompanying partner, guest etc, unless that person is a District Officer in their own right travelling on official business in connection with their District role. (see travel section)

Special Circumstances

The District Governor shall retain the right to authorise claims which fall outside these guidelines, where he/she believes that special circumstances exist and that it is in the interests of the District to do so.


All claims shall be submitted on the Official District Claim Form, as supplied by the District Treasurer. With the exception of mileage, all claimed items shall be supported by a valid ticket or receipt. The form shall be signed by the individual, certified by the relevant District Chairman (where appropriate) and authorised by the designated Past District Governor. Line items which are not supported by a ticket or receipt or, claims which have not been certified (where necessary) and authorised will not be paid by the District Treasurer.

Should a claim take the relevant District Officer outside their authorised budget, the District Treasurer shall not pay that claim unless the approval of the District Cabinet has been given.

Claims should be submitted to the District Treasurer by the date of the meeting of the District Cabinet immediately following the date the expense was incurred (within 90 days). Expense Claim Forms for mileage only can be sent electronically but must still have the correct signatures and authorisation. The District Treasurer will pay the claim as soon as reasonably possible following the relevant meeting of the District Cabinet, once the appropriate budgetary checks have been satisfactorily completed or the District Governor’s discretion exercised. Preferred route is by BACS payment.

April 2009

(revised 11th July 2022 but subject to Finance Committee review)