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LCI environment

The Environment is one of our five global causes.

So how can Lions help protect the environment?

Special Environment Days

Great British Beach Clean - Friday 16th to 25th September 2022 if your club fancies a trip to the seaside then why not combine it with this event and help clean up our beaches? More information...

Great British Spring Clean - March

Aims to cut litter, end waste, improve public places and educate future generations. More information...

International Earth Day - Saturday 22nd April 2023

This is viewed as a time of environmental consciousness and awareness. More information...

World Environment Day - Monday 5th June 2023

This was established by the United Nations in 1973. It's aim is to bring increased awareness to worldwide environmental concerns, like climate change, deforestation, pollution of the world's oceans and unsustainable development that cold harm plant and animal species. 

Please contact me if you have any other ideas of ways to help the environment and they will be added to this page to inspire other clubs.

Contact Officer: Judith Goodchild Email: