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The Environment is one of our five global causes.

So how can Lions help protect the environment?

Special Environment Days

Great British Spring Clean - March

Aims to cut litter, end waste, improve public places and educate future generations. More information...

International Earth Day - Monday 22nd April 2024

This is viewed as a time of environmental consciousness and awareness. More information 

One area that is suggested is a LITTER PICK Why do it? 

 Unless we look after our own communities' environments, and encourage others in the wider world to do the same, we will have a much poorer place to live in.  

How to do one:  Survey your community and choose areas which are well used and has an accumulation of litter. 

 This will enable the public to observe what you are doing. 

Check to see if there is a group already picking litter in your chosen area. You will need to gain consent to litter pick on private land with the landowners or public land e.g. with the Council or Canal and River Trust. 

As a matter of Health and Safety, carry out a risk assessment in advance. See the link to the guide provided by Litter Action. 

Ask your local Council if they can supply the following: Hi-Viz vests/tabards, litter pickers, gloves and bags. If they are unable to do so, ensure your volunteers come equipped. Consider having the Lions logo and Club name printed on the Hi-Viz vests/tabards. 

Choose a date, confirm with the landowners and advertise your litter pick, inviting volunteers to come along to help. To avoid large groups gathering mark out areas where groups of  6 can gather and send them off in different directions or at different times. 

Approach a variety of groups e.g. youth clubs, Scouts, Guides and schools to help.

 Ensure everyone wears a Hi-Viz vest/tabard. Consider the link-up with other Lions youth projects, such as the Young Leaders in Service. 

Report any fly tipping to the land owners for removal.

 Gather all the waste bags in an area and arrange for a collection. Seek permission from those present and take a photograph. 

 Prepare a press release for the local media and social media. Send a copy to your District Environment Officer and to LCI via your monthly activity report. Don't forget to include the amount of bags of rubbish you've collected.

it is a good idea to provide refreshments or find somewhere to sit and have a drink after the event. This helps to make the occasion more fun and allow you talk about what you've achieved and plan your next litter pick. 

Key Contacts and links:

World Environment Day - Monday 5th June 2023

This was established by the United Nations in 1973. It's aim is to bring increased awareness to worldwide environmental concerns, like climate change, deforestation, pollution of the world's oceans and unsustainable development that cold harm plant and animal species. 

Please contact me if you have any other ideas of ways to help the environment and they will be added to this page to inspire other clubs.

Contact Officer: Judith Goodchild Email: