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DG Blog 2024-25

Sunday, 14th July

Another walk - this time with Clive. Hook in Warsash - along the coast.  

Fawley refinery

Watched the gentlemen's finals on television.

Saturday, 13th July

Went for a five mile walk with South East Hants Ramblers - beautiful weather and lovely views. Fortunate to live in such a lovely part of the country - woodland and sea views!

The ship on top of Portsdown Hill

Wednesday, 10th July

Met up with a couple of friends for another walk and then coffee in the local garden centre.  

Tuesday, 9th July

Need to get back to walking! Managed a walk with local u3a group although at one time we had to retrace our steps as came across a fallen tree we couldn't go over or around. Good job Clive has a 'live' map! We all ended up like drowned rats as it started to rain half way through. Still good to get out in the open air.

English landscape

Sunday, 7th July

Big day for me! Cabinet and then handover. Great table decorations including some cute koalas. Presented with flowers from Alton Lions. Love the colours and they matched the ones on our tables. Dave Ebsworth was presented with an award by Geoff Leeder. It was good to celebrate the outgoing year and welcome in the new officers for this forthcoming year.  

Looking forward to supporting all the clubs in our district.

Beautiful flowers