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Environment Photographic Competition

This competition is for the best photograph portraying the environmental work of Lions clubs in District 105SC. It provides a way for Lions and Leos to portray their pride and commitment to improving, protecting and preserving the environment through an original photo.

The Award was given in memory of Peter Allen, a member of Fleet Lions Club who had recently passed to higher service when Jim Storey was Environmental Projects Officer in 2005-6.

Jim thought it was appropriate that the environmental photo competition should have a trophy as did Marion, Peter's wife.

Fleet agreed to name it after Peter Allen, who despite his age, was always keen to get out with Lions when they did jobs at our local nature reserve. 

This is initially a District Competition. The winner of the competition goes forward to the MD Competition.  

The competition is open to Lions and Leos.

Clubs may submit as many pictures as they wish. I will arrange for judging at the District level and if there are more than 5 entries The Peter Allen Trophy will be awarded.  The entries can be either black and white or colour prints.  

The photos must be taken within the British Isles and preferably within the District 105SC geographic area.

The size of the photo to be 8" X 10" (20.3 x 25.4 cm) and must not contain people or buildings

The categories for the current Lionistic year are: 

1.Native trees 

2. Native non- flowering plants

3. Native wildflowers

4. Vertebrates

5. Invertebrates

6. Weather and Landscapes

There will be a District winner in each category and it is from these winners that the outright District winner will be selected. The winning category winners will be sent to HQ for final judging.

The photos will need the name of the photographer, their club and the category that is being entered. This can be written on the back of the photo.

Entries must reach PDG Judith Goodchild by FRIDAY1st DECEMBER 2023 so that the winner can be forwarded to HQ by December 31st 2023 for the Council of Governors to judge them at their January meeting.  

In 2023 Clive Midson of Petersfield Lions Club was the winner

PDG Judith Goodchild 

Environment Advisor 105SC

E mail: