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Member Development & Training



New Member Orientation:

At present the NMO presentation is updated for 105SC and can be adapted further to sit individual clubs. The new member should be taken through the orientation by the appointed mentor. When gov rules apply it should be possible to achieve a group presentation in a suitable venue.

Guiding Lion Programme: November / March 

The Guiding Lion programme will give members an opportunity to improve skills and identify information for enhanced club support. Guiding Lions are assigned by the DG/GMT for a two-year term in discussion with the club president (established club) or sponsoring club president (new club)

Next Course: November 2021 

Contact: Mike Baker/ /01420 89219

Duties of a Lions Charity Trustee: October /  April

The aim of this training is to ensure all Lions charity trustees understand their duties and what they need to do to ensure their club charity is run properly.

Next Course: April 19 2pm Zoom

Contact: Mike Baker/ /01420 89219

Club Officers Workshop: July / May.

The purpose of this session is to introduce new club officers to their responsibilities in managing the club and to act as an update to returning club officers.

Next Course: May 17 @ 1900 by Zoom 

Contact: Mike Baker/ /01420 89219

Introduction to Social MediaMay

The object of this workshop is to introduce clubs into the principle tools of social media and to help clubs to get the best out of the technology available.

Next Course: May TBC Zoom

Contact: David Rose /

Zone Chair Workshop: June/September

The objective of this presentation/workshop is to help zone chairs understand the responsibilities of the role and introduces the range of tools available through LCI to enable a successful term.

Next Course: June TBC Zoom

Mike Baker/ /01420 89219

These will be probably be conducted via Zoom until Gov guidance enables clusters of interest in local areas to get together inside.

Actual dates will be confirmed when the level of interest has been established.

Interested members can contact me to register by Mike Baker by email or phone.