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Costs can vary from free to several hundred pounds

You may find a good deal for free but be aware that someone somewhere will need at least a contribution to their costs of hosting and development, so you may be required either immediately or in the future to accept advertising on your page (chosen by provider); or you may find that you are limited in the amount of content; or your domain name may have to include the host domain name (subtle advertising).

Free is not always free

Free websites are wonderful if you have the time and patience and ability. You won't get any support. If you want your own domain name you will have to pay for that.

Offset by advertising on your website

The decision on how much to spend will of course be dependent on the funding available within your club for such purposes.  However, your website can provide you with an income - it might be small but could be enough to fund the annual costs.  For instance you may find a local supporter who is willing in part or whole to contribute to your website in return for recognition on your website.  After all, we seek sponsorship for all sorts of items (including minibuses) and promotional activities such as displaying posters in shop windows etc. Local businesses can and do benefit from the Public Relations that results from such support.  Don't underestimate the monetary value of PR to local companies - particularly on the web.

If it's free, you are the product!