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Worldwide Youth Camps 

Did you Know

The Lions International Youth Exchange Program fulfills the Original First Object of the Lions: 

‘To create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world’

Worldwide there are 114 camps in 41 countries,  for detailed information please follow the link:- 

The above link to the international web site then enables other links such as ‘Directory’,  ‘host families’ or the standard application form YCE 1401 and its European equivalent. 

The Directory link will show a list of the Worldwide Camps all with different themes, Every year, thousands of young people travel around the world to learn about cultures, customs and friendship through the Youth Exchange Programme, by doing so their lives are enhanced. 

There is an MD officer (Youth Exchange Co-ordinator or YEC) who will oversee the outward process and liaise with other country's YECs and the students.  Each District also has a YEC who role is to liaise with clubs to find candidates for going abroad. 

New Milton Lions Club and Ringwood & Fordingbridge Lions Club are regular participants and in 2017 these 2 clubs sent abroad 29 Young people  Compare this with the rest of MD105 where 12 were sponsored by all of the other clubs in UK put together.

So, how does Youth Exchange affect you and your club?   

How does the system work?

All camps are held on the same dates worldwide and there is an initial period of hosting within that country where the applicant stays with a family who will acclimatise them to the culture and customs before they travel on to the camp.

Hosting youths with local families is an important part of the experience. Please call your District YEC to discuss the different aspects for consideration in hosting youth exchange visitors to our own youth camp.

If you are or know of, a young person who might qualify for this scheme please let us know and we will gladly let you have more information or e-mail us at