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Covid-19 and Membership

An opportunity

In times like these we need to take care of not only the public but also ours, our members and friends well-being. Especially those who may be feeling lonely, isolated, vulnerable or just bored!

Here are a few pointers to consider, why not discuss as a club and keeping yourselves involved during Social Distancing and Isolation; although the ‘normal’ methods of communicating may have changed it should not mean the old-fashioned communication stops.

Make sure Lions maintain communications both internally with members and externally with the public:

Get into a routine and keep it going: 

Generate a regular Club Newsletter to members:

Share tasks as members tasks: 

As a club, give members the opportunity to suggest what collectively you could do:

Recognise other members special occasions:

One of the most important things is for us all to keep their brain active and not to go ‘Stir Crazy’

How about doing a:

Undertake some e-learning
Log on to MyLion and select the Learn Option from where you can:

Please take care, stay safe, stay healthy and stay well.  Keep an eye on and follow the government guidance. If you need help, please call anyone in the GAT Global Action Team, we are here to help.